Wednesday, February 20, 2008


20 years ago... Feb 1988 I was five. Probably getting excited to turn 6. I had 2 little brothers, 4 and 10 months old. I thought that I was the greatest. I said, "Mom aren't you glad I'm so beautiful?"
10 years ago...1998 I was a junior. Chad had just left on his mission and even though he didn't know it, I'd decided to wait for him. I was the design editor for our high school yearbook and I poured my all into it. I won some competitions. I think junior year I took best of show. Some days I still miss good ol' yearbook.
5 years ago: 2003 I'd been married a year and a half. My full bodied fear of becoming a mother was starting to wear off. We were living on campus at BYU-Idaho and loving it. Sometimes we refer to our years in the dorms as the glory days. Our neighborhood and ward were so super! Chad was studying geology and I was studying fashion.
3 years ago: 2005 I had a beautiful little boy, 7 months old. I was growing into motherhood. I still had a few classes to wrap up my BA in university studies.
1 year ago... 2007 We were living in my grandmother's house anxious for April when we were planning to buy our first house, which we did. We'd also welcomed a beautiful little girl in November. She sure is a little princess. Trey was very protective of her from the beginning. :)
So far this year...2008 Chad bought me a car, my first car ever. It's so fun to be a 2 car family. I took a breastfeeding peer counselor training, amazing. And then got hired by the health department as a BF peer counselor. I get the opportunity to help moms and babies BF successfully. I've gotten really involved with La Leche League. It's blessed my family and I've made the best friends ever. I've been teaching other women to make cloth diapers (pockets). And this week I'm starting a doula training program.
Yesterday I... went to Rigby to visit a great friend and get more familiar with her home and son. She's asked me to come and be with her son while she labors and delivers her new baby. She's planning a home birth. It will the first birth I've attended aside from my own and I'm absolutely thrilled to be part of such a special time for her family!
Today I... have an enrichment planning meeting and then a friend is coming over to finish a couple of diapers with snaps and then cut some more out.
Later tonight... I've got to make dinner and get everything ready for tomorrow, lunches for Chad and I and make sure I've got everything together for my kids to be at grandma's all day (thanks Mom!).
Tomorrow... I start my doula training. I'm really excited.
This year I hope to.... finish my doula training; plant, harvest, and process an amazing garden; get more organized, and become a better wife and mother.
I tag.... Bita, Chelsea, Jessica, Alica, Katy, Sara

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Go Boobs!

I got the job as a breastfeeding peer counselor with the health department. It's about 8 hours a week. Most of it I can do from home: sending letters and making phone calls. I also get to teach some of the WIC education classes and do some home visits to help moms and babies have a good breastfeeding experience. I'm really excited to be able to do something I feel strongly about and get paid. I'm nervous too. I haven't had a real job in 4+ years and I'm not really willing to give up much time with my family. I hope that we can make it work. Today I'm supposed to shadow my first home visit. Yeah.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Breast is Best

I just finished a week long training to be a breastfeeding peer counselor with WIC. It was an incredible learning opportunity for me. They only have 3 opening right now. I'll find out
on Wednesday if I get hired. Whether I do or not isn't really important to me. I feel like I gained so much this week and now I have the skills to help more mothers and babies have a positive breastfeeding experience. I feel so blessed.