Saturday, February 2, 2008

Breast is Best

I just finished a week long training to be a breastfeeding peer counselor with WIC. It was an incredible learning opportunity for me. They only have 3 opening right now. I'll find out
on Wednesday if I get hired. Whether I do or not isn't really important to me. I feel like I gained so much this week and now I have the skills to help more mothers and babies have a positive breastfeeding experience. I feel so blessed.


Blake and Meichelle said...

I am so excited that you got to do that. You would make an awesome tutor.

Blake and Meichelle said...
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chelsea said...

That is so perfect for you. Good for you!

JINGER said...

Hey it's Jinger, I met you today at Shaelyns ( I'm not sure how she spells that). Anyway I hope we can stay in touch, you are an inspiring person.
Check me out at
Jinger Andreasen