Friday, January 18, 2008

Well I did it. After 7 years of wanting to donate my hair to locks of love I cut off 12 inches, 14.5 at the longest. Crazy, I know. I did it last Friday and I'm still not used to it.




Sara Storms said...

Congratulations!!! You look super cute!!! And good for you - sharing your gorgeous hair with someone else!!!

Julian said...

Holy Smokes!
Now that's a Pony Tail!!

You look GREAT!

Cindy said...

Wow!!! That had to take courage after having such long hair for so long. You look fantastic! My aunt got a wig from donated hair last year when she went through kemo. It really helped her feel better under all that stress and sickness.

The I.F. Rawlins said...

I LOVE YOUR HAIR! It is SO cute!